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Foot Pain Relief - Neuropathy

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Fast, targeted relief from foot pain without side effects.

The topical analgesic provides temporary relief from burning, shooting, prickling, tingling, stabbing pain and numbness.

Premium Ingredients. Trusted Quality: Blended with the highest quality ingredients including 9 essential oils for safe, effective, pure, potent relief.  Simply massage the oil onto the affected area to ease pain.  Use up to 4 times per day.

Frankincense & Myrrh has a robust satisfaction guarantee -- if you don't experience pain relief, we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.  Safe for diabetic skin.

Find in the Diabetic Care aisle. Product box varies by retail location. 2 fl. oz.


I have neuropathy in my hands and feet. When I've done a lot with my hands that day I am in an awful lot of pain. I rub this on when I go to bed and it relieves a great deal of the pain within minutes.

Linda K

My husband has had discomfort in his feet for a least a year now with burning and a tight, pulling feel on the bottom of his feet. He is presently on so many Rx's that we needed to find a natural cure. He found immediate relief with this product. This first couple times he used it the relief was short in duration.   But after daily use it is working soooo much better.

This product is highly recommended.......


 This product has been a GOD send for me.... I use it on my feet to reduce chronic inflammation. I apply generously before bed and am able to walk without difficulty the next day... The smell of Frankincense & Myrrh takes a bit of getting used too, but it is not unpleasant. Great product, worth a try.


 I bought this for my dad who has suffered with neuropathy for almost 7 years now. Dad was only a bit rough around the edges because his feet always hurt him, He always said life was always full of pain because his feet hurt him so bad. I found this stuff one day while trying to find him anything to ease his pain.  It took a few days but his whole attitude has changed. He smiles more now that a fair amount of his pain is gone. Obviously not all of his pain is gone.... If it worked that well they would charge more but it does work really well. Before he couldn't even wear but a certain type of sock and couldn't really wear shoes but his feet hurt so bad. he always talked about how he wish someone would cut his feet off and stop the pain but since he has been using this for almost a month now he hasn't said anything like that. I would definitely recommend this to someone who suffers pain because of neuropathy.


 This product is an excellent relief for numbness of foot pain I've been using this product for a month now and I highly recommend this product for persons with neuropathy. I have problems with neuropathy approx. 5 years now. I used other products and never as good as this one, I will continue to purchase this product.

Peter T.

 I am suffering from severe neuropathy on my feet and ankles due to the side effects from withdrawal from a popular pain med. Even when my condition is at it's worst, this provides relief. Many nights it meant the difference in whether I was able to sleep or not. It works for me.

Paul E.

 Product exceeded my expectations and I would recommend this item to all my family and friends! Great quality for the price! Cant go wrong with this purchase!


 Have been using his product for about 2 months and it has helped me tremendously, I use i in am and pm before bed and must say pain has decreased to the point where I am comfortable wearing shoes as opposed to sneakers. Recommend highly. Told my Dr was using it and he had no problem, said if it helps go for it.